About Post Hats & Details

You know how discussions regarding brands within the skateboard industry tend to end in the words "someone should do that"? Well, that's how this ordeal started as well.

As a result of long time friendship, endless conversations on products they would love to endorse themselves and seeing how there was something missing both in the local fauna as well as in the international equivalence, Danijel Stankovic and Martin Ottosson decided it was time to partner up and make talk into reality.

Being skateboarders, first and foremost, the two also has a long history of working within the industry. Danijel as a sales rep/team manager for Nike Skateboarding in Sweden and Danmark and Martin as editor in chief/designer/filmer/photographer for Defekt.se as well as co-founder and creative for the Swedish brand Semester Skateboards.

With a focus on high quality and well designed headwear, Post Hats & Details, was born in the fall of 2012. It really isn't any more complicated than that. At least for now.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - Ben G
Antwerp, Belgium - Lockwood
Barcelona, Spain - FTC
Berlin, Germany - Civilist
Birmingham, UK - Ideal
Borlänge, Sweden - Brädgårn
Bristol, United Kingdom - Fifty Fifty
Copenhagen, Denmark - Streetmachine
Devon, UK - Flatspot
Edinburgh, Scotland - Focus
Geneva, Switzerland - 242 Shop
Gothenburg, Sweden - Shelta
Hamburg, Germany - Mantis
Helsingborg, Sweden - Royale
Jyväskylä, Finland - Beyond
Kent, United Kingdom - Skate Pharmacy
Leeds, United Kingdom - Welcome
Liverpool, United Kingdom - Lost Art
London, United Kingdom - Palomino
Malmö, Sweden - Streetlab
Manchester, UK - Note
Milan, Italy - Fibol Shop
Munich, Germany - Soo Hot Right Now
Paris, France - French Californians
Svendborg, Denmark - Wall Street
Stockholm, Sweden - Sneakersnstuff
Vienna, Austria - Stil-Laden


San Mateo, California - Atlas Skateboard Store


Tokyo, Japan - Damagedone
Seoul, South Korea - RVVSM


Brisbane - Apartment
Melbourne, Collingwood - Hand2Hand
Melbourne, Hawthorne - 1st Product
Melbourne, Prahran - Brick & Mortar Supply
Perth - Lo-Fi
Sydney - Capsule

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